Wampirzyca Mona

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Wampirzyca Mona

Mona the Vampire

Gatunek animowany
Kraj produkcji Stany Zjednoczone
Język oryginału angielski
Stacja telewizyjna Cartoon Network
Dystrybutor DVD {{{dystrybutor dvd}}}
Dystrybutor Blu-ray/DVD {{{dystrybutor bluraydvd}}}
Lata produkcji 1999-2004
Data premiery dubbingu 21 lutego 2000
Wyemitowane odcinki {{{odcinki}}}
Wampirzyca Mona (ang. Mona the Vampire, 1999-2004) – kanadyjski serial animowany.

Serial był emitowany w Polsce na kanale Cartoon Network od 21 lutego 2000 roku.

Wersja polska


i inni

Lektor: Robert Tondera

Spis odcinków

Nr Polski tytuł Angielski tytuł
01 The Night of the Living Scarecrow
The Robot Babysitter
02 Von Kreepsula Runs Amok
The Nefarious Computer Virus
03 The Miserable Phantom Dog
Jurassic Parking Lot
04 The Whirling Void
There's No Place Like Gnome
05 The Dreaded Human Spider
Night of the Living Mannequin
06 The X-Change Student
The Red Moon Monsters
07 The Skeleton Cowboy
Men in Darksuits
08 The Vampire Hunter
The Sounds of Sirens
09 The Book of the Slimy
The Sam and Ella Infiltration
10 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Freaky the Snowman
11 The Dastardly Dr. Voodoo
The Dancing Underpants Ghoulie
12 Miss Gotto's Haunted House
Cry of the Swamp Thing
13 Spirit of the Woods
The Bogeyman Cometh
14 The Man with 9 Lives
Yak of the Yammering Yam
15 Small Town
The Devious Doppelgänger
16 Creature from the Depths
Mona and the Werewolf
17 Garage Sale Genie
Ghouls and Dolls
18 Flea Circus of Horrors
Shadow of a Doubt
19 The Fortune Cookie
20 The Billabong Bunyip
The Subhuman Substitutes
21 Hex of a Dancer
The Two Magicians
22 Nie igra się z czasem Time Shift
Poza czasem Timeout
23 Bird Boy
Flower Power
24 Spitting Image
Fourth Dementia Funhouse
25 Brainwash Boogie
Von Kreepsula's Revenge
26 Cupid's Mark
The Lost Pirates
27 Dr. Java and Mr. Hyde
Miss Dewey's Dismal System
28 Polyester Power Suit
The Droll Troll
29 Ventrillo-Creep
Limo to Loserville
30 The Columbus Triangle
Soccer Sasquatch
31 Cyborg Phantasm
Kitten of the Sea
32 Sunworshippers
33 Witch Watch
The Hexed Mansion of Agatha Misty
34 The Ninja's Curse
Hal T. Neander
35 Shame on the Shaman
Programmed Pioneers
36 Flu-topia
The Broken Chain Letter
37 The Baby Charmer
Monster Trash
38 The Granite Goliath
Intergalactic Space Campers
39 Potato Fish
It's All Relative
40 The Black Hole
Waxing Nostalgic
41 Lil' Freddy Frosty
Attack of the Bratty Vamp Pack
42 The Transformation of Frank Stein
Taking the Cake
43 Terror in Toon Town
Ghost in the Knight
44 All in a Day's Work
Interchange Intrigue
45 Jack out of the Box
Crazy Crop Circles
46 Toys Are Us
The Hair Scare
47 Mona vs. Ms. Marvelous
Spelling Bee
48 The Horned Horror
The Cat Lady's Meow
49 The Legend of Caboose Malloy
The Wereclown
50 Ghouls Rule!
The Transylvanian Twist
51 Terminate Her
18 Holes to Oblivion
52 The Case of the Moll Troll
The Alien Magician
53 Monster Mobile
Monkey Sea, Monkey Do
54 The Wrath of Thor
The Pied Piper
55 Horrorscope
The Rescue of Queen Mab
56 The Sharkman Goeth
Dr. Purrman's Secret Recipe
57 Atlantis at Last
Invasion of the Shadflies
58 Gotto Robotto
The Laser Wizard
59 Bowling Gremlins
The Ghost of Flying Trapeze
60 Aliens 1-2-3
Zapman, Myself and I
61 Would You Like Fries with That?
The Haunted School Bus
62 Nickelodeon Nightmare
Ready Steady Yeti
63 The Sandman
Von Kreesula's Day Off
64 Rockin' Reptile Roundup
The Suck-O-5000
65 Medusa's Revenge
The Fearsome Forecasts

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