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Wesoły świat Richarda Scarry’ego (ang. The Busy World of Richard Scarry, 1993–1997) – kanadyjski serial animowany nakręcony na podstawie książeczek Richarda Scarry’ego.

Serial w Polsce emitowano na kanale TVP1 (premiera: 10 sierpnia 1996).

Wersja polska

Reżyser: Barbara Sołtysik
Dialogi: Hanna Bielawska-Adamik
Dźwięk: Jerzy Rogowiec
Montaż: Elżbieta Joel
Kierownik produkcji: Janina Ostała
Piosenki z tekstem: Michała Wojnarowskiego w opracowaniu muzycznym: Jacka Bończyka śpiewali: Monika Wierzbicka, Olga Bończyk, Anna Maria Jopek, Anna Apostolakis, Marcin Kudełka, Dariusz Odija, Wojciech Paszkowski, Jacek Bończyk

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Lektor: Maciej Gudowski

Spis odcinków

Tytuł polski Tytuł angielski
01 The Talking Bread
Couscous, the North African Detective
The Three Fishermen
02 The Best Birthday Present Ever
Patrick Pig Learns to Talk
Grouchy Mr. Gronkle
03 Straszliwie zapracowani strażacy The Busiest Firefighters Ever
Meksykańczyk Manuel Manuel of Mexico
Największy połów świata The Biggest Catch Ever
04 Mr. Raccoon's Different Day
Mario, the Venetian Gondolier
The Best Babysitter Ever
05 The Best Mistake Ever
Sneef, the Best Detective in Europe
Camping Out
06 Mr. Frumble's New Cars
Ernst and Heidi in the Alps
Billy Dog's Bad Day
07 The Snowstorm
Professor Dig and His Egyptian Mummy
The Treasure Hunt
08 The Missing Bananas
Good Luck in Rome
The Accident
09 A Trip to the Moon
Pip Pip Goes to London
Floating Bananas
10 Hat Pie
Hans, the Dutch Plumber
Hilda's Romantic Tea Party
11 A Big Operation
Cucumber, the African Photographer
Summer Picnic
12 Wolny dzień sierżanta Murphy'ego Sergeant Murphy's Day Off
Schmuge, niemiecki kominiarczyk Schmudge, the German Chimney Sweep
Wakacyjna wyprawa The Sleeping Car Adventure
13 Busytown Regatta
Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian
Busytown Soap Box Derby
14 The Big Story
Couscous in Gibraltar
The Firefighter's Ball
15 The Field Trip
The Great Pie Robbery
Clean Garage
16 Captain Willy and the Pirates
Flying Noodles
Roughing It
17 Young Vikings
Sneef Saves the Queen
Hilda the Director
18 High Flyers
Steamboat Mystery
The Best Waiters Ever
19 The Big Move
Sneef in Russia
Mr. Frumble Gets a Job
20 Ambulance Cake
The Supermarket Mystery
Big Trouble for Bananas Gorilla
21 Sergeant Murphy's Deputy
Couscous in the Sahara
New Friend on the Block
22 The Biggest Storm Ever
Cucumber in Rockies
Sally's First Day at School
23 Nie ma czasu dla Gorylka No Time for Bananas
Sneff w Indiach Sneef in India
Pierwsza wycieczka Sally Sally Cat's First Trip
24 Grand Hotel
Couscous on the Nile
Cat Family Ski Trip
25 Lowly Breaks His Leg
Cucumber in Machuu Pichuu
The Plight of Penelope Parakeet
26 A Newspaper Mom
Cucumber in Rio
Donut Raffle
27 The Knights of Busytown
Cave Pigs
Bucketman in Busytown
28 Billy Dog Gets Glasses
Cordelia's Debut
Lowly Joins the Circus
29 The Big Dare
Oliver's Sandwich
Pig Will Won't
30 The Best Birthday Party Ever
Martha's First Book
Locked Out
31 Dad's Neat Job
The Discovery of America
Mr. Gronkle's Friends
32 Denys at Camp
Peasant Pig's Gifts
Little Fixit
33 The School Dance
The First Olympics
Hilda for President
34 Mr. Frumble's Brother
Viking Pigs
The Perfect Wedding
35 A Tough Test
The First Pyramid
The Big Date
36 Inventor of the Year
Macaroni Polo
Lone Wolf at the Lighthouse
37 Fun-Time Riddle Race
The First Balloon
Billy Dog's Space Rock
38 The Best Amusement Park
The First Bridge
Say Cheese, Please!
39 Has Anyone Seen My Book?
P.J. Pig's Brave Day
Vanderbuilt's New Shoes
40 The Perfect Gentleman
The Best Painter Ever
The Best Day for Dennis
41 A Trip Back in Time
Home Sweet Home
P.S. Pig's Special Friend
42 Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine
Sneef and Sniff at the Opera
Mr. Gronkle Won't Mind
43 Peter's Visit
The First Skis Ever
Stage Fright
44 End of the Rainbow
A Signal for Peng
Mr. Frumble's Birthday Party
45 Bananas the Magician
The First Horseless Carriage
Princess Hilda
46 Daylight Savings Time
Eager Beaver's Clever Game
The Pickle Car Wash
47 Triple A Deliveries
Stanley's Amazing Photo
Lost in the Swamp
48 Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine
Cahuchu's Magic Tree
Mr. Bean's Restaurant
49 The Best Christmas Present Ever
Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson
Sally Cat's Christmas Dream
50 The Best Car Trip Ever
Earnest's Dish You Can Eat
Cousin Russ
51 Fill'er Up Scotty
Niagara Falls Mystery
Helper's Helper
52 Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse
Hold Your Breath!
Pumpkin Heads
53 The Mole Machine
The Royal Game of Dennis
Now That's Progress
54 Now That's Progress
Pépé le Gangstaire
Drive-Through Movie
55 King and Queen for a Day
The Piggy Express
Practice Makes Prefect
56 The Winners
No More Games, Manuel!
We Won't Go to the Doctor!
57 Never Too Small
Albert, the Belgian Barge Captain
Rainy Day
58 Mr. Gronkle Comes to Stay
Leo-pardo's Smile
Blooming Busytown
59 Match-Makers
Forget-bur Never Forgets
Toof Trouble
60 The New Neighbors
The First Halloween Ever
Now I Know My One, Two, Threes!
61 Mr. Gronkle Moves Away
Counting Chickens
The Spelling Bee
62 Huckle's Feathery Friends
The First Valentine Ever
The Sleepover
63 Count on Us!
The First Easter Egg Ever
Be My Valentine
64 The Mystery of the Stone Circle
The Big Apple Christmas Caper
Who's Too Scared to Masquerade?
65 A Message in a Bottle
Santa Needs Help
There Really is an Easter Bunny
Richard Scarry
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